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        Central South University Wins the First Prize in RoboCup 2019
        July 22, 2019Click:

        The 23rdRoboCup was held at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), Australia from July 2 to 8. The team CSU_Yunlu from Central South University, with outstanding undergraduates from the School of Computer Science and Engineering as the main team members and Professor Peng Jun as the tutor group leader, ranked the third place (the first prize) of the 23rdRoboCup Rescue Simulation League after four days’ hot competition.

        In the competition, the CSU_Yunlu fully demonstrated the cutting-edge technologies and core contents of robot research such as multi-agent cluster control, adaptive neural network and multi-robot cooperative confrontation, and showed the perfect combination of competition and robot technology. After the fierce rivalry in the preliminary, semi-final and final rounds, the CSU_Yunlu won honors for Central South University. This competition required every team to carry out two presentations to introduce its strategies and strategy implementation methods. It is worth mentioning that in the two presentations, Lyu Wuqian, Leader of CSU_Yunlu, got the highest scores with his wonderful expression.

        This competition saw more than 3,500 robot scientists and researchers from more than 170 scientific research institutions and universities in over 40 countries including China, Japan, the United States, France, Canada, Germany, South Korea and Iran. It involved competitions in 15 sub-leagues of 5 leagues, including robot soccer, robot rescue, home service robots, industrial robots, and junior robots.

        Source: School of Computer Science and Engineering

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