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        A CSU Team Led by Xiehui Releases Pioneering Research Results of Angstrom-Scale Silver against Cancers for the First Time
        March 16, 2019Click:

        Recently, Professor Xiehui (Director of the Movement System Injury and Repair Research Center of Xiangya Hospital, CSU, and member of Xiangya – Amcan Joint Research Center) and his team has published online a full paper entitled “Angstrom-scale Silver Particles as a Promising Agent for Low-toxicity Broad-spectrum Potent Anti-cancer Therapy” on Advanced Functional Materials, a top international journal in material science. The paper presents groundbreaking research results on Angstrom-scale (1nm = 10 Angstroms) material and its medical application, the first evidence in the world that Angstrom-scale silver particle has broad-spectrum anti-cancer property and exerts no obvious toxic and side effect on organisms (good tolerance).

        Dr. Wang Zhenxing and Dr. Chen Chunyuan from the Movement System Injury and Repair Research Center and Dr. Wang Yang from the Institute of Integrative Medicine are co-first authors, and Professor Xie Hui is the sole corresponding author. Xiangya Hospital of CSU is the sole unit of the first author and corresponding author of this paper.

        This team of Xiangya – Amcan Joint Research Center has independently developed an automated “metal vapor-condensation” device based on physical high temperature and high pressure gasification for preparation of Angstrom-scale materials. Angstrom-scale silver can be stably dispersed in water after being coated with fructose and thus could be prepared into Angstrom-scale silver injection. The cell and animal experiments showed that &Aring;ngstrom-scale silver injection had killing effects on various tumors such as lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, but had no obvious toxic and side effects on normal tissues. Professor Xiehui's team is continuing with the study on the in-depth anti-cancer mechanism of Angstrom-scale silver and the metabolism, short-term long-term residue of Angstrom-scale silver in the body, as well as the study on the in-depth study of its long-term effects on the body's normal tissues and organs.

        The team has applied for invention patents in China, the United States and the European Union for the Angstrom-scale material preparation equipment and process and the anti-cancer Angstrom-scale silver injection. 

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        Source: Xiangya Hospital

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