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        A CSU Team Led by Zheng Junchao Publishes the Latest Research Results in Advanced Energy Materials
        April 28, 2019Click:

        Recently, Zheng Junchao’s team from the School of Metallurgical and Environment of CSU published an original article entitled “Graphene Wrapped FeSe2 Nano‐Microspheres with High Pseudocapacitive Contribution for Enhanced Na-Ion Storage” in the top international journalAdvanced Energy Materials(IF=21.875, JCR-1). This paper is the first study to report the burred graphene-wrapped FeSe2nano-microsphere. It was found that this nano-microsphere was very beneficial for the migration of charged particles in sodium ion cells, and the high pseudocapacitance characteristics caused by this special structure can greatly improve the rate capacity and cycle stability of the material. This research has certain guiding significance for designing new high-rate charge and discharge materials.

        Associate Professor Zheng Junchao has long been engaged in the basic and application researches of green hydrometallurgy and non-ferrous metal-based new high-performance energy storage materials. This work is another new progress this filed followed by papers published inNano Energy(IF=13.120, JCR-1),ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces(IF=8.097, JCR-1),ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering(IF=6.140, JCR-1).

        The first author of the work is An Changsheng (a PhD student) at CSU. The first corresponding author is Associate Professor Zheng Junchao from the School of Metallurgical and Environment of CSU. The collaborator is Dr. Jun Lu, a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory, USA. The work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Innovation Drive Program of CSU.

        Source: School of Metallurgical and Environment

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